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1. Turn on your phone and search for Hearme in Bluetooth. Once connected, you can use it.
2. Bluetooth 3 second pairing, quickly open your music world.
3. The bass is steady and strong, allowing you to enjoy the simplicity of music.
4. At full power, the normal volume can work for 8-9 hours (the duration of the battery will vary depending on the volume).
5. Switch + volume adjustment in two, turn clockwise to turn on / turn up the volume, counterclockwise to turn off / turn down the volume.
6. FM radio shape, retro nostalgia.
7. Mini portable, enjoy music at any time.

1. Bluetooth model: Hearme.
2. Function: Single speaker Bluetooth speaker.
3. Method: Rotate the switch.
4. Battery capacity: 900mAh.
5. Material: PC+PC patch.
6. Voltage: 5V-300mAh.
7. Power: 1.5W.
8. Product size: 65×37.5x48mm.
9. Product weight: 65g.
10. Scope: Apple / Samsung / HTC / millet / VIVO / Meizu and other common mobile phones; ipad / tablet / laptop / single-hole desktop computer and other 3.5mm audio input device. (Can be connected via Bluetooth connection or single-hole audio cable connection).

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
USB charging cable x 1
Operating instructions x 1

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